W&T rule.box Digital

Use the Node-RED based switching center to put your IoT puzzle together 

Wiesemann & Theis GmbH introduces the “rule.box Digital 2xIn, 2xOut” as a switching and data center for DIN rail mounting. 

The system is based on an ARM-Linux platform proven in industrial use and offers a ready-to-use Node-RED installation for graphical development of IoT and Industry 4.0 applications. To make linking sensors and actuators simple the device is equipped with two digital in- and outputs each. By using corresponding processing nodes the inputs can for example trigger messages, be represented on a dashboard or initiate other actions. The outputs can also be shown on the dashboard, switched from there or used for local alarm sending. 

In addition to the Node-RED base nodes the development environment also includes W&T expansion nodes for integrating Web-IOs, Web Thermometers and Com-Servers. IoT devices, protocols and clouds from other manufacturers can be supported by installing additional nodes. This enables use as a universal switching center for the control cabinet. 

Get inspired by the many possibilities for using the rule.box. READ more and find a collection of sample applications which are regularly expanded with new ideas. Clicking on the application takes you to a detailed guide that helps you set up your application.

Use Node-RED to establish rules in relation to input values and employ the rule.box as a switching and control center for automating your applications.

Thanks to Node-RED the rule.box is compatible with applications and devices from many different manufacturers. You can expand existing systems and link products from a variety of vendors. As a use you can intervene from outside at any time.

In just a few steps you can create visualizations for your IoT worlds. Get the overview of switching states or signal trends.