W&T Web-IO 230V

Switch up to eight 230V circuits over the network 

Wiesemann & Theis GmbH (W&T) is expanding the range of network-based 230V remote switches with two products having potential-free normally open and change-over contacts for load currents up to 16 A. 

The “Web-IO 4.0 230V Relay 1xNO, 1xCO” switches one normally open and one change-over contact with up to 16 Ampere. Its big brother, the “Web-IO 4.0 230V Relay 4xNO, 4xCO” switches four normally open and four change-over contacts with up to 6 A per channel. 

The industrial-grade network relays are installed on 35mm DIN rails. They can be queried and controlled over the network. In addition to the web interface and apps for iOS and Android, various communication protocols are available for data access: Modbus/TCP, OPC, MQTT and REST support insertion into Industry 4.0 and SCADA applications. Integration into any other network products is possible using TCP, UDP, SNMP and FTP. 

The Web-IOs satisfy high security requirements. The individual network services can be activated independently of each other. You can specify for any mode which outputs are allowed to be switched. An overview page provides information about active services and assigned channels. Access to the web interface and sending of email are TLS-encrypted if desired. 

Application for the Web-IO Digital:
Monitor and control the Web-IO Digital directly from your browser

The browser is today the central display and operating tool in the PC and smart phone world. Whether building technology or automation – together with the Wiesemann & Theis (W&T) Web-IO Digital boxes the browser can be used as the remote controller and display instrument for switching states in technical fields.

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