USB devices simple and fast anywhere in the network

USB devices simple and fast anywhere in the network.

The USB Server Gigabit 2.0 integrates a USB device for industry use via TCP/IP Ethernet into the network. The devices connected to the USB Server Gigabit 2.0 behave just as if they were directly connected to your Windows PC.

Protected operation of USB dongles in the network

TCP/IP-Ethernet <> USB

Provide USB devices in the network

The industrial-grade W&T USB Servers provide you with access to any USB devices via the network. Thanks to the high interoperability of more than 99%, you can be sure that your device will be supported as well.

Provide shared resources at a central location

Operate USB devices such as scanners, cameras, printers, dongles etc., regardless of the cable length from your chosen operation sites.

USB port for virtual and physical machines

Thanks to the USB Redirector, the device behaves as if it were directly connected to your computer with an actual Windows operating system (client and server) – even from virtual environments.

USB Server as dongle server

No need to carry dongles back and forth between different computers. Transfer the license with a simple mouse click.

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