Web Thermometer and Web Sensors

Web Thermometer and Web Sensors for °C, % RH, hPa, VOC and CO2.

Measure, log and report
The Web Thermometer is a measuring device which monitors temperatures, detect and collect various sensor values and makes the values available in the network. The device includes an integrated data logger and numerous Web and network services for manual querying of the measurements or provides autonomous sending of messages.

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We have all you need to monitor: Temperature, relative humidity, air pressure and air quality measurement

  • Fast access to current and documented measurement values
    over Web interface or app
  • Alarm messages
    for example via e-mail and SNMP trap
  • Simple integration into IIoT, SCADA, MES and NMS systems
    via MQTT, Modbus/TCP, OPC and SNMP

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Application example for Web-Graph Air Quality: Save energy by providing proper ventilation

According to current knowledge, a significant proportion of Corona infections are due to aerosols, small liquid droplets. Regular intensive ventilation is important and with the W&T climate sensors for VOC and CO2 solutions you can record and monitor indoor air quality and receive alarm messages when the air quality is below a critical value.

The rise in VOC measurement values in indoor spaces is usually unpredictable, since around 85% of all room air deterioration is caused by the persons in the room. The remaining emissions are generated by the building materials or furnishings.

This uncertainty makes air exchange at a static ventilation rate anything but ideal.

If the ventilation rate…

  • …is set based on the VOC peak value, the excess air quantity exchanged on average gives off too much energy to the environment.
  • …is set to a low, energy-saving value, the permissible VOC limit will be exceeded at peak load times.
  • …is set to an average, the two drawbacks just named will be added together.

Only by monitoring the air quality can a need-based air exchange be accomplished: Then just the right amount of ventilation will be provided when it is needed.

Especially if the building does not have a ventilation system the Web-Graph Air Quality with its light indicator built into the sensor or using its alarm functions can help to prevent random ventilation and thereby contribute to energy cost savings.

Here’s how it works:

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