Network one-way street

The Fix Defined Firewall links computers to networks with no feedback, so that the computers are able to receive only. All received network packets are passed on in one direction to the reading host. Data traffic to the safe network is not possible – neither from the reading computer nor from the firewall itself.

How does it work:

Feedback-free network connection

The Fix Defined Firewall is a fixed configured firewall for unidirectional data flow. Data packets arriving at the input are passed transparently to the output, with the opposite direction completely blocked. This pre-configuration cannot be changed. The Fix Defined Firewall has no configuration interface, none of its own network services, and no Ethernet address. For applications for example in telemetry or data flow analysis this ensures feedback-free connection of receiving computers to a network with high security requirements.

Due to its clearly defined scope of function the firmware for the Fix Defined Firewall needs no traditional operating system and is free of open source and third-party components.

Startup is easy, just true plug and play, and in PoE (Power over Ethernet) environments it requires only connection of the network cables. Without PoE, the supply voltage is additionally required – that’s it, simple and easy to install!

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