Protecting machines and equipment without changing the IP setup

The Microwall Bridge (Firewall) provides security when needed, quickly and simply and this without changing the IP configuration. The preferred area of application is therefore the easiest possible, add-on security expansion of existing infrastructures.

Segmenting network and isolating of sensitive network areas is one of the basic measures in virtually any IP security concept for protecting industrial environments. With the Microwall Bridge this can be done IP-transparently while the network configuration including routing of all involved components remains unchanged. Whitelist-based and using simple and intuitive filtering rules on the TCP/UDP/IP level only the explicitly desired communication between the island and the surrounding network is enabled. The protocol-transparent operation makes the Microwall Bridge especially suitable for post-segmenting of already existing network environments.

The requirements for IT security are continually increasing in industry. Yet at the same time we often see a lack of personnel resources for implementing this security. The IT security products from W&T are designed for straightforward implementation of concrete security requirements. As a basic measure for many IT security concepts the W&T micro-firewalls isolate critical systems (older devices, IoT systems, etc.) on a secure island in your network.

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Use nmap to uncover security gaps in the network

Behind every open port in the network is a server program which in all likelihood contains errors. These errors may be so severe that they can be exploited to spy on the system, sabotage it or even run malicious code on it. And so the most important step you can take to greater security in your corporate network is to check the open ports and – if need be – to close them.

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