USB memory with network connection

The German IT manufacturer W&T added another interesting new product to their product range, the LAN-USB, which can both store data and send it from USB devices over the Internet.

The is a USB memory with network interface. Whereas locally connected USB sticks or USB drives are a “dead-end street” in terms of data technology, the enables two-ended access in that the data memory can be read and written both over the network and via USB.

If the is connected to a host system via USB, for example to a CNC milling machine, the machine can use it as a USB mass storage device. On the network side Samba, FTP and SSH can be used to access the same memory area of the box.

How does it work:

This allows you to make machines and devices which have no network connection but rather only a USB terminal for storage media quasi-network capable even without the network connection. There is no physical transport of the USB memory between the PC and machine, since the data are written over the network directly to the USB memory of the box and can be read by it.

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