The is your broker solution

The from Wiesemann & Theis (W&T) is a Mosquitto MQTT broker for DIN rail mounting. It can operate as a standalone Mosquitto MQTT broker in the network and enables secure communication between network-capable automation components using MQTT protocol.

The unique feature of MQTT is that two communication partners exchanging data with each other never have a direct connection. Instead there is a central data broker. The broker is a kind of turntable for data — it receives data from an MQTT user and passes it on to others.

For example, the two communication partners (clients) may be a PLC and Kepware software. They don’t communicate directly with each other, and so there is no direct connection. Instead they both open a connection from within the local network to the central data broker in the internet. The PLC acts as publisher and sends an input status to the broker. The Kepware software can then request the data as a subscriber.

Due to a second network interface on the device, data can also be made available for an additional network segment without allowing access from one network to the other. An additional feature is the user-management function, which together with the optional configuration of an Access Control List (ACL) enables control of access rights. There is no limitation with regards to the number of tags that can be configured to be passed.

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