W&T visit in Germany

It was great to catch up with W&T in Wuppertal, Germany on a typical cold and snowy day just before Christmas – a contrast to the warmer weather back in Australia 🙂

A big thank you Patrick and Tobias for showing me around and meeting the rest of the W&T support team. It was great to finally meet in person after two years of our alliance. W&T stands for  “Made in Germany”. As one of the few IT companies, they combine development and production under one roof. All their quality and innovative products are designed and made in house here in Wuppertal. Glad to see and hear there are no supply chain issues.

The products are continuously monitored and improved. The results speak for themselves: more than 99.9% quality and reliability in 2022.

The in-house development of their own products enables W&T for example to expertly address any problems that may occur in terms of the interoperability that we strive for.

A large inventory of finished and raw parts ensures that short delivery times are the rule even during the occasional semiconductor shortages.

W&T are continuing to work hard on new product designs and plans are underway to add additional security features to the USB Server and MQTT.box. Watch this space! In the meantime, their products are all in stock and TE Automation as the supplier for the Australian/NZ marketplace is available to assist with any product/application queries.

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