USB-/Com-Servers: More than simple device servers

Com-Servers and USB-Servers are in a class of their own because in contrast to many commercially available serial device servers and USB device servers they are not simply a power-saving computer with a piece of rather complicated software, but rather “contain” a service which is vital for any critical use:

As long as there are no changes in the network where the Com-Server or USB server discretely performs its functions day and night, you will not require any service. And even if something does change, the Com-Servers and USB servers generally just keep running as if nothing happened – because residing in your software is the knowledge of all the minor idiosyncrasies of the network technology we’re so familiar with. No other manufacturer we know invests so much love in thorough analysis of even the most minor complaint and uses the knowledge so intensively to increase the robustness of their devices.

And if something does ever “break”, W&T is immediately at your side with our years of diagnostics and development expertise: with engineers and developers who all work in the same building, have known each other for years and speak the same language. Even your most expensive equipment and most critical processes are in good hands – in your day-to-day work or in the rare cases of a problem.

This makes us proud – and our customers happy.



Model #53663

… Fully USB 2.0 compatible
… USB-Redirector as Windows core driver
… TCP/IP support incl. routing and DNS
… 24-48VDC supply and PoE

… Integrated IP-Firewall and USB-Device-Filter = more security!

and much more…LEARN more or BUY online here


Model #58665


… Expanded support for serial protocols
… Multipoint operation
… Wake-on-LAN
… 24-48VDC supply and PoE
… COM Port Redirector as Windows core driver

and much more…LEARN more or BUY online here…