Incorporating serial devices into virtual systems

Com-Server provide serial interfaces over the network. Virtualizing computer systems is sensible in many cases for reasons of both cost and security. However, if the virtualized system is communicating with serial devices (e.g. medical/weighing/measuring technology or wind power/photovoltaic systems etc.), there is the problem that the usual virtualization platforms provide insufficient support.

But the network connection of virtual guest systems is for the most part quite a mature approach, is stable and therefore also a good candidate for transporting serial communication. Using a Com-Server on the serial device side and a virtual COM port in the virtual machine, the serial data are simply and transparently tunneled through a network connection – unnoticed by the application, the serial device or the virtualization platform.

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Possible application examples:

Overview for manufacturers and integrators – Introduction:

Are you a manufacturer or integrator of electronic devices that are equipped with serial interfaces (or dual port RAM interfaces)? Are you looking for a solution to make your device networkable, web-based or web-capable? Do you wish to avoid the costs, complexity and unreliability of a PC-based solution?

Then you are in the right place: with our Com-Server, we offer you a development option that fulfills all the following criteria:

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Com-Server and automation technology:

Visualization systems of various manufacturers have established themselves as standard solutions in the field of automation. They provide MMIs (man-machine interfaces). In order to remain independent of the many brand-specific protocols, most visualization systems use OPC (OLE for Process Control) technology for the transfer of data to and from the field level.

As shown in the diagram, the OPC server works as a gateway application. Towards the application, it provides a standardized OPC software interface, which makes I/O data available in the form of items. Towards the lower level, the values or contents of these items are detected by the OPC server by means of special protocols.

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