The IP Watcher – check IPs for availability

Device failure or network fault creates alarm.


The new IP Watcher lets you monitor up to 100 network nodes and IP addresses.

Should a device not respond or the IP address can no longer be reached, the new IP Watcher issues an alarm. The IP Watcher sends an email or switching alarm devices such as lamps, horns or other fault reporting devices.

Cyclic monitoring of network components

In these times of Industry 4.0 and IoT, more and more devices are communicating over the network or through internet connections. When the work PC has no network connection, the user recognizes this immediately. But when components such as cameras, light barriers or other sensors fail, this is often not recognized until it is too late. The new W&T IP Watcher monitors up to 100 network components cyclically via ICMP (ping) and issues an alarm when one does not respond. In addition to email messaging, a switching contact can also be used. Then when there is a network failure, fault signalling devices, warning lamps or horns can be activated.

How does it work:

Some great benefits:

Immediate overview and easy start up

From the browser the user can see an overview of the status of monitored network nodes at a glance. Configuration is also accomplished via the browser interface without the need for any specialized IT knowledge: Simply enter the IP addresses to be monitored into the inventory list, specify who should be informed in alarm situations, and whether a contact also needs to be switched – that’s it, easy install!

Safe operation in office and industrial environments

The IP-Watcher is no larger than a pack of cigarettes, and with its 24V power requirement and ease of installation it is ideal for DIN rail mounting in the control cabinet or network enclosure. Alternately the IP Watcher can also be powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet).

Unlike server-based monitoring solutions the IP Watcher works autonomously. This also means it is unaffected by other applications or system updates that could interfere with its function.

Thanks to low emissions levels, high noise immunity and low power consumption the IP Watcher is ideal for all office and industrial environments.

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