Web-IO – System integration Automation with standard protocols

Integrating signals with Modbus-TCP, OPC UA/DA, REST or MQTT

Automation technology in industry most often involves hardware components from many different manufacturers combined in a common system. It used to be that the data exchange needed for such systems was handled by many different fieldbus systems.

Even before the advent of Industry 4.0 there has been increasing use of standardized TCP/IP-Ethernet based network protocols.

Seamless integration into modern automation technology is supported by the W&T Web-IO 4.0 products using the following industrial protocols:

  • OPC UA
  • OPC DA
  • Modbus-TCP
  • REST
  • MQTT

This makes the Web-IO 4.0 products ideal for use in industrial applications.

Even older machines that have to use switching outputs or analog signals to indicate their operating states can be incorporated into modern systems by using the appropriate Web-IO.

The result is a bridge between traditional automation technology and up-to-date network communication as current as Industry 4.0 and IoT.

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Quick overview about Sensors, analog and digital IO:

Web Thermometers detect sensor values such as temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure or CO2 concentration.

Web-IO Analog detect and set 0-10V and 0/4-20mA signals. External sensors for variables such as flow, level or weight are read and actuators such as motors, valves etc controlled.

Web-IO Digital detect and switch fault reporting contacts, control signals and relays (24V) and mains voltage (230V)