Fast and simple USB devices in the network

Are you looking for simple and fast USB device Server in the network which are easy to install? The industrial-grade W&T USB Server (Megabit and Gigabit) provide you with access to any USB device via the network. Thanks to the high interoperability of more than 99% you can be sure that your device will be supported as well. How do they work? Find out about all applications here.

All Applications:

Share devices

Redirect the valuable dongle to the secure server room and allow users to access it through the network.

Virtual environments

Integrate actual USB devices (measuring technology, card readers etc.) into virtual machines running VMWare, HyperV, VirtualBox etc.

Line driver

Operate the USB device at virtually any distance from the computer

Galvanic isolation

Use the network to create galvanic isolation between PC and USB device and thereby prevent ground loops and undesired compensation currents.

Interoperability guarantee

We keep our word: “We can work with anything.”

Should a special USB device with its specific driver and version not run, we will perform an exact analysis to determine why your USB device is so unusual. By no later than this stage we are almost always able to change the behaviour of our USB server such that it will also run with your device. If this somehow does not succeed, we will provide you with an exact technical error analysis. You can use this if needed to solve the problem with the help of the company that made your USB device.